Abstract:Web application development has evolved a lot since the beginning of WWW. \nToday a myriad of design patterns, frameworks and programming languages are used to \nbuild web applications depending on their complexity. The Model-View-Controller \n(MVC) is a popular design pattern for building web applications which with its features \nand by dividing application logic into three components: models, views, and controller has \nbecome the most dominant programming paradigm for developing dynamic web \napplications. Web design patterns are an essential part of web application development as \nthey bring better communication and clarity, also improve speed in the web application \ndevelopment cycle by creating templates of best practices. With the help of MVC portable, \nscalable and transparent web-based application can be created. The main objective of this \npaper is to explain the features and basic components of the MVC architectural pattern in \ndetail through the development of an ASP.NET Core web application


Abstract:Urban farming is a worthwhile activity in urban areas that assists economic, social, and environmental recovery. Pandemic Covid 19 has broken down the economic aspect of almost every field profession but not agricultural activity regarding the population\'s need for food to eat every day. People who do not like planting activity doing now in between work from home, even men and women, especially those who live in urban areas or as dwellers. The research determined to observe the woman roles in urban farming development by descriptive analysis using MS Excel. The result indicated that women ruled urban farming activity in Indonesia. The characteristic of women urban farmers are still low education, less teenager/youth involved, experience from 2 – 10 years, and tend to social benefit that the harvest divided to fulfill household\'s food needs, charity, and sell. The internal women\'s motivation was spare time and environment. The external motivation is the government program and the fact that urban farming does not depend on land area as a production factor. The characteristic urban farming indicated that horticulture is the dominant commodity based on household consumption. The plant growth dominated in containers, and the location was at the back or front of the house. Urban farming could break barriers of food insecurity and sovereignty. Women\'s rule in urban farming could be viable, bearable, and equitable in conserving the planet, profit, and people (3P), leading to sustainability.

Title: Investigation on microstructure and mechanical characteristics of AZ31D/Silicon carbide/Graphite reinforced hybrid composites

Abstract:The present work focuses on the influence of reinforcements in microstructure, mechanical properties when compared to the base material (AZ31D). Magnesium-based alloys were more prevalent in automobile applications owing to their mechanical properties and low mass and density. The production of composites was accomplished by utilizing the stir casting technique with a particle size of 53μm SiC and 25μm graphite reinforcements in various weight fractions of 2, 4, and 6%. The microstructure analysis was done on base alloy as well as composites by using SEM and EDS. The uniform distribution of reinforced particles increases the dendrite structure. It is concluded that the mechanical properties of hybrid composites were increased when compared with the base material, due to the presence of reinforcements.

Title: GSK 3beta antagonizes SGK1 function through phosphorylation as its authentic substrate protein.

Abstract:Glycogen synthase kinase-3 beta (GSK-3beta is a constitutively active serine/threonine kinase that regulates many intracellular signaling pathways by phosphorylating substrates such as beta-catenin. We noticed that S74 and S78 residues of the (74SPPPSP79) motif of the serum glucocorticoid-inducible kinase1 (SGK1) were putative GSK-3beta phosphorylation sites with a consensus sequence of SxxxpS/pTP, where pS/pT represents phosphorylated Ser or Thr and x is any amino acid. We found that a SGK1 mutant (S74A and S78A) not phosphorylated by GSK-3beta had higher protein kinase activity than SGK1 wild type. Furthermore, the SGK1 mutant increased the survival rate of HEK293 cells as determined by FACS analysis. Our observations suggest that phosphorylation of S74 and S78 residues of SGK1 by GSK-3beta is required for proper nuclear localization, kinase activity, apoptosis, and protein-protein interaction of SGK1. Thus, SGK1 is a substrate protein of GSK-3beta and phosphorylation of S74 and S78 residues of SGK1 by GSK-3beta seems to be feedback (antagonistic) regulation or a secondary response regulation for its subcellular localization.

Title: Pleomorphic adenoma of the minor salivary glands in the upper lip: A rare case report showing contrast in histological diagnosis

Abstract:Pleomorphic adenoma is the most common salivary gland neoplasm, commonly arising from the parotid and submandibular glands, and possesses malignant potential. A 46-year-old man presented painless lump on the right side of his upper lip for 1 year. A punch biopsy performed at the outpatient clinic revealed carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma. Ultrasonography showed a 1.1 × 0.8 × 1.1 cm, irregular protruding isoechoic mass. Magnetic resonance imaging scan of the head and neck reported a protruding irregular heterogeneously enhancing lesion. Contrary to the punch biopsy results, the final histopathological examination revealed pleomorphic adenoma. The patient underwent wide excision with a 5 mm surgical margin under general endotracheal anesthesia. The lip defect after wedge resection was closed and the surgical wound completely healed. The patient showed no evidence of disease recurrence in the past six months. This case report describes a rare and unusual pleomorphic adenoma of the minor salivary glands in the upper lip, despite the preoperative punch biopsy reporting a carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma. Surgical excision should be planned since punch biopsy results may be inaccurate.

Title: Bi-temporal VHSR Classification Images for Change Detection of The Roofs, Using Allometric urban Growth Analysis in Setif City, Algeria

Abstract:Traditionally, remote sensing has been the terrain of scientists and national security communities, by whom the urban issues are managed. This study evaluates the application of multispectral images with a Very High Spatial Resolution (VHSR) of 0.6 m/p, in monitoring the formation and transformation of roofs to improve how building types can be changed over time. The test was carried out using two multispectral images, from two different years, 2002 and 2007, in Setif city, Algeria. \nTo extract the required information, a combination hybrid method was developed, to introduce, firstly, a new visualizing approach of the formation and transformation of the urban form over time, which relies on the detection and thematic classification of urban fabrics through multi-scale and mathematical topologies; secondly, to introduce the allometric dimension through remote sensing classification to diagnose the morphological correlation of urban blocks.\nUsing MSVM code to classify pixels of this built-up area in two classes (concrete and tiled roofs) proposed in Marir, B. et al. (2018), this new method based on the entire modular support vector machine (MSVM) adopts the active learning machine (AL) method. We consider three different clustering algorithms (K-means, fuzzy c-means, and Gustafson-Kessel cluster). The classification accuracy was assessed from a set of samples selected by random stratification and from the second set of samples. To get more accuracy, the vectors are used in change detection subtraction of concrete and tiled roof targets, using land-cover change detection strategies (LCCD) suggested by ZhiYong (2021).\nIn post-processing, statistics are predicted using static allometry to ascertain the spatio-temporal variations in five years. The spectral analysis shows how urban changes form. The result, 0.24, of the allometric dimension is calculated from two scenes at two different times, which demonstrates that the tiled roofs are lower than the total average. This indicates that urban blocks in Setif city tend towards a new typology of buildings with other types of roofs with new materials, in particular concrete, according to rapid expansion and degrees of urban discontinuity.

Title: Early-childhood Feeding practices among Mexican indigenous population: a qualitative study

Abstract:Breast feeding and complementary feeding practices are crucial for health across the life. The purpose of the study was to know some infant feeding practices in a Mexican indigenous population. Twenty Mexican indigenous mothers with children under two-year age answered a semi-structured interview. Most of the mothers reported to feed their children with breast milk during the first months, although exclusive breastfeeding did not meet the recommended time mainly due to cultural factors. We conclude the mothers followed the preferences and signals of the child for complementary feeding, and instinctively determined how and when to offer different foods to breast milk.

Title: A Study of Development Methodologies for Augmented Reality Systems

Abstract:Software development projects have unique perspectives that align with the needs of users and the methodologies implemented in the development process. The study conducts a review of existing system development methodologies used in developing augmented reality (AR) applications. It then identifies key elements from these methodologies and compares them in relation to the development of AR applications. A search is performed on the development methodologies used in developing AR applications. The articles retrieved covered a period of five years, from 2015-2019. The study analysed aspects of AR applications including the elements, purpose, domain and users; and underscored the system development methodologies used - Waterfall, Prototyping, Incremental Delivery and Agile development methodologies (Lean software development, Extreme Programming, Kanban, Scrum and DevOps). The study makes a comparison of the key elements, advantages and disadvantages with respect to the development of AR applications. The key elements are discussed on how they combine to ensure an elemental development process for the design and development of AR applications. It is concluded that there are several methodologies that are being implemented in the development of augmented reality applications and each of these methodologies contains unique elements that combine to make the process inclusive and comprehensive.

Title: Transport Analysis of Large Projects as a Method in Urban Planning� Belgrade Waterfront Project

Abstract:The research is based on the hypothesis that transport analysis of the impact of the attraction and production of planned content in the urban tissue on the wider transport network is a key method in the urban planning of large projects. The specificity of the methodological ap-proach used can be seen in the quantification of the project area and the estimation of the number of trips generated by the planned content in peak hours, as well as the expected num-ber of cars in the street network. The generation of potential trips and their distribution are determined, depending on the volume and structure of the planned content. Using the soft-ware, three possible scenarios were processed. In the conclusions, we summarize the im-portance of processing and the necessity of applying the results of transport analyses as a key method in urban and spatial planning, influencing the organization and connectivity.

Title: The cubic B-spline method for numerical point solutions of fractional systems of boundary value problems based on the conformable operator approach

Abstract:In this letter, a numerical technique for solving singular as well as non-singular systems of fractional differential equations with boundary constraint conditions is derived by the cubic B-spline method. These fractional problems are expressed in terms of the conformable fractional operator derivative approach. The method suggested is to check on many cases of both linear and nonlinear systems. Error and convergence analysis of the method via conformable fractional operator are derived and described. Numerical solvability of some test examples is provided in terms of expansions, figures, and tables. The numerical results demonstrate that the approximate solutions converge monotonically and also with fair precision to the exact solutions. In the end, abeyance and future work are given.