Title: Factors influencing an implementation of financial participation programmes in Polish companies - some relationships

Abstract:Purpose: This article analyses the most important financial participation programmes (FPP) in Poland to show the relationship between the programmes applied and the socio-economic results of enterprises, and assesses the impact of participation on these results and the impact of selected factors on the introduction of FPP.\nMethodology: The research has been based on a questionnaire answered by senior management of listed Polish companies that had at least one out of three major FPPs in operation, namely share ownership, profit-sharing or a stock option scheme. \nFindings: The results of the empirical study conducted by Author indicate the existence of some particular relationships. The vast majority of schemes in Polish public companies are aimed at participation of the management personnel; these programmes are narrow-based (only for management) and rather hermetic, with a high concentration of stocks or shares in the hands of the management.\nConclusion: FPPs generally have a positive influence on enterprise functioning. However, the effects are more social than economic (no significant economic improvement after programme implementation). The paper contributes to the debate about financial participation and suggests actions to popularise these programmes on a wider scale.

Title: Hacking in Cyberspace Identity Theft: A Comparative Analysis of Malaysia, United Kingdom, and Iran

Abstract:Hacking is an unauthorized access to computer data to steal personal information of another. Computer Misuse Act 1990 in United Kingdom, Computer Crimes Act 1997 in Malaysia and Islamic Penal Code as well as Computer Crimes Act 2009 in Iran deal with the issue of hacking. Cyberspace identity theft does not occur until unauthorized access occurs. In United Kingdom and Malaysia intent is not required to be directed towards any program or data of any kind or computer while under Computer Crimes Act 2009 requires in relation to secured data. Notion of unauthorized access is computer protection by security measures, this security element is not applicable in United Kingdom and Malaysia. Perpetrator must have breached security measures to qualify for unauthorized access. Articles 1 and 4 of Computer Crimes Act 2009 require computers to be protected with security measures to meet requirement of unauthorized access in Iran while it applies to cyberspace identity theft. Iran also does not recognize concept of exceeding unauthorized access while United Kingdom and Malaysia directly stress on this and treat this as an offence to prevent authorized person from misusing authority. This makes it possible for cyberspace identity theft offences to be easily committed by those who have prior authority for accessing data. This article adopts qualitative method of research a comparative analysis of cyberspace identity theft laws of Malaysia, United Kingdom and Iran.

Title: Professionalisation of Teaching in Higher Education in South Africa

Abstract:Literature shows that although effective teaching is vital for student learning in Higher Education, academics are not as prepared for their teaching careers as they are for their research, hence the call for professionalization of teaching in Higher Education. Recent trends in Higher Education make the development of academic teaching skills a priority. The Department of Higher Education and Training has also encouraged institutions of Higher Education to make conceited efforts in improving teaching skills of academics. In response, universities have put in place various programmes to promote professionalization of lecturers. The purpose of the study is to determine the extent to which professional qualification impacts teaching and learning. The study adopts a desktop approach. Academics are constantly faced with new challenges or opportunities within their teaching context and might need some insight, knowledge, support or creative ideas on how to handle these situations. Universities should design appropriate professional development programmes to help academics develop professionally by equipping them with new skills and strategies to teach and inspire their learners. The study concludes that, to transform education in South Africa it is necessary for academics to be appropriately equipped to meet its evolving challenges and needs.

Title: The frequency of thyroid diseases in women with breast cancer and its relationship to insulin resistance

Abstract:Background: Breast cancer (BC) and thyroid disorders are important health challenges commonly encountered in women. The relationship between both conditions still remains unknown. Here, the frequency of thyroid diseases and its relationship to insulin resistance were investigated in breast cancer patients. Methods: Eighty women with BC and age-matched 63 women without BC were included into the study. Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), free thyroxine (fT4), anti-thyroid peroxidase (anti-TPO), anti-thyroglobulin autoantibody (Anti-Tg), glucose and insulin levels were measured. All cases underwent thyroid ultrasonography (USG). Homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) index was also calculated. Results: Waist (WC) and hip circumferences (HC), glucose, insulin and HOMA-IR levels were higher among BC patients. Waist-hip-ratio, body mass index (BMI), thyroid hormone and auto-antibodies titers, auto-antibody positivity rates, presence of nodules and thyroiditis on USG, and hypothyroidism frequency were similar. No thyrotoxicosis was detected in BC patients, whereas thyrotoxicosis was detected in four cases (6.3%) among controls (p=0.022). Frequency of auto-immune thyroid disease [65 (69.9%) vs 14 (28%), p<0.001, respectively], and age (p<0.001), BMI (p=0.001) and HOMA-IR (p=0.023) levels were found to be higher in patients with thyroid nodules than those without. Conclusion: Although thyroid volume and frequency of nodules were found to be similar in patients with BC, frequency of thyrotoxicosis was observed as low. Also, HOMA-IR was found to be higher in patients with BC than those without, and in those with nodules than those without nodules. We concluded that the entities in our study should be supported with further studies.

Title: Torsional vibrations of thin-walled rods

Abstract:The application of the numerical-analytical method of boundary elements to study the natural torsional vibrations of thin-walled rods is described. The four-term equation of torsional vibrations of a thin-walled rod is integrated, which is of the most general nature, since it takes into account the cross-section deplanation; a system of fundamental orthonormal functions is constructed, a load vector and a Green\'s function are formed. The results of the calculation by the boundary element method are slightly different from those obtained by the FEM, and indicate that the FEM does not determine the full frequency spectrum as the BEM. The exact integration of differential equations is performed in the BEM, and the boundary conditions are strictly observed, that is, the boundary value problems are solved strictly correctly. The developed approach to solving the Cauchy problem of torsional vibrations allows us to solve the problems of the dynamics of continuous thin-walled beams and frames. In addition, the results obtained allow dynamic calculations of a wide range of structures for various purposes.

Title: The Relationship Between Playing Characteristics and Performance Indicators of CEV Men�s Volleyball Teams

Abstract:Abstract: The objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between playing characteristics of CEV (Confédération Européenne de Volleyball) men’s Volleyball team performance. The sample consisted of all men teams’ matches of the CEV Volleyball Champions League during 2018 season. n/Methods: The differences in technical skills between the teams were recorded, and the data of totally fifty -one matches were analysed using the official statistical logistic package Data Volley 4, of the European Confederation (CEV). Results: Multidimensional scaling analysis (MDS) from SPSS 21 statistical package for additional analysis was used to find which measured variables were positive in the first dimension and negative in the second dimension and play role in determining the performance of the teams. These variables helped teams to progress successfully throughout the Champions League contributed to winning or losing a match. The main findings of this study is that ‘‘attack positive”, “reception positive”, ‘‘reception excellent’’ “service points”, and “block” are indicators for good performance, and help teams to win a match, whereas “reception error”, “attack blocked” and “attack error” are indicators for poor performance and can lead teams to lose a match.

Title: Characterization of extracted microcrystalline cellulose from Theobroma cacao pod husk as alternative tablet binder

Abstract:This study investigated the properties of extracted microcrystalline cellulose from Theobroma cacao (TC-MCC) pod husk on its action as alternative binder in formulating Paracetamol tablets. Physicochemical (odor, color, appearance, solubility and pH) and particle properties (loss on drying, particle size, bulk and tapped density, flow character, swelling capacity and moisture sorption) were determined. The TC-MCC was prepared using acid hydrolysis. Tablets were prepared using wet granulation method. Tablet evaluations of hardness, friability and disintegration time were also performed. pH and solubility of the TC-MCC were found to be similar with Avicel®. Moreover, the TC-MCC was found to be denser, has better flow character and higher swelling and moisture sorption capacity than the Avicel®. Tablet evaluation tests further revealed that hardness, friability and disintegration of the TC-MCC tablets are within acceptable limits. Furthermore, multiple comparisons of the results of the tablet evaluation tests revealed that the tablets prepared with 10% TC-MCC are significantly similar in terms of hardness and friability with the Avicel® tablets. However, disintegration time of the Avicel® tablets was significantly faster than the TC-MCC tablets. The researchers therefore conclude that MCC extracted from the pod husks of T. cacao is an acceptable alternative pharmaceutical binder for Paracetamol tablets.

Title: A critical analysis of technology transfers in university- industry collaboration for a global knowledge economy

Abstract:This paper analyzed technology transfer in university-industry collaboration. The problem that motivated the study was that developing countries, with their limited financial capabilities, face the challenge of creating appropriate environment that could facilitate the creation and commercialization of technologies. Moreover, the recognition of poor scientific outputs as a hindrance to the growth of domestic industry has brought research on the development agenda because of low technological standards in the developing world. However, this poses for strong collaborations in the developing and developed world to promote a competitive edge comparable with the developed world. This would produce competitive local graduates for the global job market. The objectives were to identify the technology transfer barriers in order to strategize in the university curricula and match the global standards. The following research questions guided the study: 1. how best could industry complement university curricula?2. What different kind of mechanisms are used for transferring technology and how best can outstanding strategies be introduced for optimum collaboration with the developed world? Based on review of literature, it was evident that transfer of technology is affected by numerous constraints that hinder efficient technology transfer, thus impeding the development of innovative entrepreneurship. Following the qualitative approach, a sample of 3 universities, 3 intermediary organizations and a sample of 15 information technology companies participated in the study through interviews. The findings revealed that there is a discrepancy in technology between countries, requiring strategic partnerships to merge the discovery-driven culture of the university with the innovation on-driven environment of the industry thereby posing the need for powerful collaborations between industry and university. From a developing country perspective, very little is known about the technology transfer process, especially the mechanisms, barriers, and incentives of this process. The study will help to improve the understanding of the current process of technology transfer, while concentrating on the incentives and barriers to transferring technology from universities to industry.

Title: Teachers� perceptions of effectiveness of Teacher Professional Development Programmes

Abstract:If teacher professional development programmes are not achieving what they are meant to achieve and teachers are not changing their practice, the end result is poor participation in the classroom from both teachers and their learners hence no improvement in learner performance. The purpose of this study was to assess perceptions of teachers on the effectiveness of current teacher professional development programmes being offered in one province in South Africa. The study adopted a qualitative interpretive research methodology. Data was collected through individual interviews with teachers and school principals. Findings depicted that more training should be provided for teaching, use of technological devices and involvement of teachers in curriculum development should be enhanced. It was also found that including technology in TPD training would help enhance the training programmes. Teachers should ensure they get acquainted with all facilities required in the TPD programmes. Principals should organise training seminars and workshops on the application of discipline strategies/methods, management strategies and intervention programmes.

Title: Association between physical activity and Cognitive function among the elderly in the health and social centers in Kenitra , Rabat and Sidi Kacem city (Morocco)

Abstract:Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the link between the physical activity (PA) and cognitive function among the elderly in the health and social centers in kenitra , Rabat and Sidi kacem city (Morocco)..\nMaterials and methods: This study was conducted among 172 elderly (56,4% men ) aged above 60 years (67,53 ± 7,53)in the health and social centers in kenitra , Rabat and Sidi kacem city (Morocco). Cognitive functions were assessed by the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) (Normal: MMSE’s score > 24 and cognitive impairment (CI) : MMSE’s score ≤ 24 ) .The physical activity (PA) was evaluated using the GPAQ (Global Physical Activity Questionnaire), ranking the elderly by high, moderate and limited level of PA. The binary logistic regression was performed by the cognitive function (dependent variable), and PA level (independent variable).\nResults: The elderly people with cognitive impairment (MMSE score < 24 tend to practice less walking and cycling activities (P=0.005). However no difference was found between normal and cognitively impaired subjects for all other subtypes of PA (P> 0.05). The binary logistic regression adjusted for gender, education, profession, pension, depression and nutritional status reveled that only the moderate level of PA was a protective factor against cognitive impairment compared to limited level (ORa = -1.979, 95% CI: 0.04-0.41)(ORa: Adjusted Odd Ratio ; 95% CI: 95% of Confidence Interval).\nConclusion: Our finding demonstrates that moderate PA specially walking or cycling is associated with lower risk of cognitive impairment. This indicates that a regular practice of walking or cycling as PA can play an important role for cognitive impairment prevention. And the necessity for further researches to more understands this association.